An Elegant Winter Theme For Your December Bullet Journal Spreads

November 20th, 2020

If you're looking for a bullet journal theme for December that you'll never get tired of looking at, you've come to the right place.

When choosing a theme, I often think about what feelings I want to evoke from the theme. What kind of vibes I want to create, for when I'm using my pages.

For December, I wanted winter, sparkles and classy Christmas vibes. An elegant Christmas in my bullet journal is what I was after.

I looked through my supplies and I decided to use:

That's right, all you need for this theme is 4 pens and you're all set.

Oh I did of course also use my simple things stencil for my simple things list which you can find in my Etsy shop here.

Just a heads up, the pen links i've provided above are affiliate links. This means I receive a small commission if you purchase using my links, but there is no extra cost to you.. you just help me keep my business alive :-)

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So let's get started...

Cover page

Dec cover

For the cover page, I drew a triangle in the top left hand corner and right bottom hand corner. The 3mm acrylograph pen is perfect for creating blocks of colour on the page, in a similar way to how you might use coloured paper as a background.

Remember to factor in a few extra minutes to wait for the pen to dry before using another pen on top. Maybe have a Christmas film on in the background, like i did! I added some gold decorations on top of the blue painted triangles, which kind of felt like decorating a tree! I did a branch and some snowflakes and then some gold dots and white dots to make it feel more magical and christmassy

I used a ruler and the gold gel pen to draw a border inbetween the 2 triangles. I got a useful tip after my October plan with me, to turn the ruler upside down to avoid smudging. This worked really well and my smudging fears were completely alleviated.

Quote page

Dec quote page

Over on my quote page I added a gold border around the blue rectangle. I added some gold trees to the bottom and snowflakes to the top.

I then wrote the quote... unleash your inner sparkle and added some gold and white dots around it.

Monthly Log

Dec monthly

For my monthly log I went for a calendar layout with just horizontal lines to keep it simple.

I coloured in a rectangle with the blue paint pen on the right hand side and used the gold gel pen to draw a simple sparkly Christmas tree on top of the blue - aiming for jaggedy shaky lines. And of course the magical gold and white dots all around it.

Simple Things List

For my simple things list and my gratitude log, I coloured in a strip across the top of the double page and decorated it with the gold pen. I usually like doing this because it can make 2 separate spreads look really cohesive and it's easy to set up.

I used my 5 simple things stencil to split the page into 5 parts with 5 headers and started writing up my simple pleasures for December. I'm so excited about experiencing these tiny moments of joy throughout the month.

Gratitude Log

Dec gratitude

For my gratitude log I simple wrote up gratitude in cursive and left the rest of the page blank, to fill up throughout the month. I share my completed spreads on instagram, so feel free to follow me there to see how it turns out.

Mood Board

I really liked how the blue triangle corners ended up on the cover page so I did the same again for my mood board.

I set up my mood board and fill out my monthly spreads, in my monthly planning videos at the end of each month. So make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube channel if you want to see my full monthly planning process and what I fill these spreads up with.

Another List!

I decided I needed an extra list... my "could-do" list for December. I felt the need to extend my simple things list this month. So I thought I would set up a page, to capture more of the things that we can do in December. Like jigsaw puzzles over Christmas, making some mulled gin or updating my Christmas playlist. Again I'll fill out this spread in my monthly planning video.

Weekly Spread

Dec Weekly

This is one of my favourite weekly layouts. A huge spot for goals and tasks on the left and my daily to-do lists on the right.

This spread felt really wintery, elegant and sparkly when looking at it. I think i'm really going to enjoy using it and the others!

As promised, here is my plan with me video if you want to see the full setup process:

Hope you enjoyed this winter Christmas theme! If you decide to recreate it, tag me on instagram. I'd love to see, and share your beautiful work!

With love