Reflect With Me | April 2021 Prompts

April 4th, 2021

Every morning, Emperor Marcus Aurelius sat at a table and journalled about what the day had in store for him. Despite all of the challenges he expected to face, he never used his journal to complain. He'd figured out a way to journal about his struggles without frustration or resentment, and instead used it to mentally prepare for the inevitable difficulties he would face.

A century before this, Seneca journalled every night. Reviewing his actions of the day, whether his actions were just, habits he could change and how he could improve himself.

The bullet journal method encourages morning and evening reflection which ties into Stoic journalling perfectly.

So I will be building into my bullet journal practice, some Stoic journal prompts from the Daily Stoic journal. If you want to join me, I've shared a prompt for every week in April for us to reflect on and write about in our journals. I would love to do this as a community and see what you include in your reflection spreads too.

daily stoic

The Daily Stoic book also reminds us of an important warning from Epicetus to

"not be satisfied with mere learning, but to add practice and then training."

Reflection is half of the journey, turning what we've learnt into action is the remainder.

So as the book encourages, after your reflection, ask yourself daily "what principles will guide and inspire my actions?"

April Prompts

april prompts

How to take part

  1. Write your list or create your journal spread. It can be as creative or simple as you like. It can be a brain dump of text or a structured list in your journal.

  2. Take a photo and share it on instagram

  3. Tag your photo with @reflectwithraksha so your spread can be featured in my stories

  4. Use the hashtag #reflectwithraksha in your post

  5. Follow the hashtag #reflectwithraksha so we can all see each others lists and spreads for the challenge.

I can't wait to see your spreads and share my own too! If you don't feel comfortable sharing any of them to instagram, that's fine too. Feel free to take part privately too!

With love,