Simple Things to Enjoy this October

October 1st, 2020

You may already know how much I LOVE my simple things lists. It all started when I came across a magazine called The Simple Things. The motto on the front was "taking the time to live well," words that eagerly called out to me.

Every issue of the magazine encouraged me to stop and notice the simple, beautiful things that surround us. Instead of to-do lists, they believe in could-do lists. All of the things you could do in a month, to appreciate the change that comes with new beginnings.

Which is exactly what inspired me to write a monthly simple things list in my bullet journal. A list of the simple pleasures that I can enjoy, related to the month or season. Since I started including these lists in my journal, I noticed a change in myself. It felt like I'd opened my eyes for the first time and life became interesting and exciting in a way that I hadn't experienced before. I suddenly didn't rely on holidays and outings for excitement. Instead it felt like daily life had turned into something special as I started noticing all of the beauty around me.

Here is my simple things list for October:

Oct Simple Things

The beginning of a new season or month feels like a fresh start. In autumn as the air turns crisp and cold, I feel like I'm breathing in change and breathing out opportunity.

My simple things lists really set the mood for the month ahead, but as a lover of lists I also appreciate a list to celebrate every new season!

Excitement bubbled within me as we approached autumn and I started thinking about all of the beautiful things I love about the season. It's an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature as the colours transition into reds, browns and golden yellows. Warming comfort food, misty mornings, spices in everything and all things cosy!

Taking the time to appreciate simple beauty is taking the time to live well and as bullet journallers we can embrace the opportunity to cherish these moments, by capturing them in our journals.

As a starting point, try writing a list of everything that you love about the approaching season. You'll be surprised by how much there is to get excited about.

Here's my list:

Autumn List

Another fun way to get ready for the month is with a mood board:

Mood board v2

Searching for these images really got me thinking about the month ahead and what I wanted from it. It's a gentle way of setting intentions for the month, with the focus being on how you want to feel. This is all part of intentional living and is a great way of setting the tone and mood for the weeks ahead of you.

I'd love to see your autumn lists and your monthly simple things list. Tag me on instagram and use the hashtag #simplethingslist so we can enjoy the beauty of autumn together...