The Joy of Starting a New Bullet Journal Midyear

July 15th, 2021

I love setting goals at the beginning of the year and embracing the new year energy. But as the year goes on, it becomes harder to maintain that same level of enthusiasm.

So as we hit the middle of the year, I like to take the opportunity to revisit my goals and get that drive and excitement back. It’s almost like hitting a reset button. The best part is, when we take the time to reflect throughout the year, we give ourselves the chance to focus on our longer term goals.

Setting up a new bullet journal for the next half of the year, gives me the chance to do exactly that. I also like revisit my own video on goal setting to help get me in the right mindset again too. Feel free to check that out too, over here.

The supplies I used for this setup are:

B5 Grid spacing ruler

2021 Calendar stencil

Miso Paper Deco Stickers (similar to mine)

Archer and Olive B5 Notebook

Archer and Olive Metallic Acrylograph Pens

Archer and Olive notepad paper


Cover Page

The most important part of a mid year reset for me is to think about how far I've come. Think about highlights, small wins, big accomplishments. It might be hard at first, because 6 months can fly by without much happening. But if you dig deep enough, you can find things, no matter how small.

I heard somehwere that when you're going up a mountain, if you stop midway to look back and appreciate how far you've come, instead of looking ahead and worrying about far you've got left to go... you're much more likely to make it to the end successfully. Happily.

So this page is a little reminder.

Quote page

Future Log

I used my calendar stencil to draw up monthly calendars from August to December.

Since this a B5 journal and has much bigger pages than my usual A5, so I was able to put all 5 months on one page. This should still give enough pace to write down any future dated events and tasks.

I'm also going to break down the goals that I set at the beginning of the year into smaller tasks that I can allocate to each month, and write those in here too. I think this will help me hold myself accountable for seeing those things through.


Mid Year Reflection

The next spread is dedicated to mid year reflection. To look back at the first half of 2021 objectively and lay it all out on a page, before the year just passes us by.

Reviewing the year so far is really helpful to do because it helps you reset for the rest of the year.

I divided the page into 3 rows using my grid spacing ruler and then pulled out some alphabet stamps to write up the review prompts.

The first is of course, what has been going well, this can be anything big or small.

The next section is: what stands out the most about this half of the year. An overpowering feeling, a lesson learnt or even a recurring theme or activity.

Next, what i've been doing in 2021 to look after my health and wellbeing. And if there's anything I’d like to do differently.

Then, what have I been learning and what do I still want to learn.

Followed by, what are my hopes are for the rest of the year.

And finally, how do i want to feel in 2021. This is a really good one to think about when you're thinking about your goals for the year in general. Focussing on how you want to feel, stops you from pursuing goals that you think you should have, or things that you think youre expected to do, and you’re more likely to pursue things that are important to you.



The next page is a goals check in. My goals for the year fell into 4 categories so i divided this page into 4 with the grid spacing ruler - 2 columns and 2 rows.

I'll write a bit about how each goal is going. Whether they feel like their on track, still relevant or need changing.


Fun List

My final spread is dedicated to FUN. Don't forget to have fun! Here I'll write all of the fun things I want to do this year... like a 2021 bucket list. We probably won't be able to travel easily this year, but there's festivals that we can go to in the UK, mini breaks and fun things that we can do in the local area or at home.


So there’s my mid year review combined with a new bullet journal setup. Hope you found this useful, and if you did I share lots more of this stuff over on YouTube, Instagram and in my weekly newsletter!

Here’s the full setup video for these spreads:

With love,